And the winner is…

Over at Honest Reporting, they have announced this year’s award for Dishonest Reporter of the Year.

Go here to see their award announcement if you do not already know, and want to avoid the spoiler.

For present purposes, I will simply say two things:

  • The award is fully deserved.
  • The people involved at the BBC, and their management, should take this is a(nother) wake up call. They won’t.



Five for Friday

San Francisco Staircase - May 2009

San Francisco Staircase – May 2009

The 25th of December. There’s something happening today…

After so many years living in a Christian dominated society, with Christmas the visible focus for several weeks, it is a bit strange to have all of that disappear. Strange in a nice way.

Today is just another day. Cool. (In more ways than one.)

Except, that not only is today just another day, it’s also – more importantly – Friday!  The weekend is here. Time for the regular offering of links. Here they are:

Shabbat Shalom!


Compare and Contrast

I have a recent post (here) about Fatah celebrating the killing of Jews.

Compare and contrast to this, from the Times of Israel:

PM blasts ‘shocking’ tape of wedding-goers feting Duma murders

Joining politicians from right and left condemning clip, Netanyahu says video shows ‘true face’ of far-right group, which poses ‘threat’ to Israel

e Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night denounced a “shocking” video clip showing far-right extremists celebrating the killings of the Dawabsha family, joining dozens of other politicians and public figures coming out against the taped incident.

Politicians from both sides of the political aisle strongly condemned the clip, aired by Channel 10, which shows revelers at the Jerusalem celebration waving knives, rifles, pistols and a Molotov cocktail during the wedding.

Amid the festivities, a photo of baby Ali Dawabsha, who was burned to death in the July 31 firebombing in the West Bank village of Duma, is shown being repeatedly stabbed.

“The shocking images broadcast tonight show the true face of a group that constitutes a threat to Israeli society and Israel’s security,” said Netanyahu. “We will not accept people who violate the state’s laws and do not see themselves as bound by them.”

The video “proves how important it is to have a strong Shin Bet for the sake of all of our security,” the prime minister added, referring to recent allegations of torture against the national security agency.

The report includes lots of condemnation from all parts of the Israeli political spectrum. You can read it for yourself here.

But compare and contrast with the Fatah incitement.

Does the Fatah incitement appear in the western media? No.

Will the Guardian cover it? No.

Will the BBC cover it. No?

Will CNN cover it? No

It will be ignored.

Will the western media cover the dreadful wedding celebration – the dance of death? Yes.

For example, it is already up at the Guardian.

There is no doubt; the western media are part of the problem.

Why you shouldn’t put ice in your whisky

In them barrels, there be gold! Source: Wikimedia

In them barrels, there be gold! Source: Wikimedia

The BBC site has a pleasant piece by Brad Cohen, about discovering and enjoying whisky. (Although it’s from June of this year, I only discovered it now.)

Why you should never drink whisky on the rocks

The Thirsty Explorer heads to the Scottish island of Islay where he learns the important differences between malt and whisky – and how to order it in a bar.

I won’t give away his advice, because you should go and read it all yourself. But I will say I found the article well written and quite atmospheric. I felt a minor urge for a wee dram, as they say. Well worth reading. And it has this memorable quote:

In Scotland, summer is the second most famous myth after the Loch Ness Monster.

I’ll drink to that. L’chaim!

In Fatah-Land, Murdering Jews Still Popular

The Elder of Ziyon has this:

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah celebrates Wednesday’s murderous terror attack

From the official Fatah Facebook page comes the message saying the two people who murdered Ofer Ben Ari and Rabbi Reuven Biermacher are “heroes” and “martyrs” who engaged in a “heroic operation” and who they say are now immortalized and filled with glory.

And here’s the graphic:


The Elder continues:

“The party led by Mahmoud Abbas is very excited that they managed to kill a couple of Jews.

I want to stress that yet again, I cannot find a single Arabic-language voice under PA rule – not one op-ed, not one article – that finds murdering Jews to be anything less than heroic.”

In Fatah-Land – the country into which billions of dollars of western aid flows, with minimal oversight as to its expenditure – killing Jews is still popular; something to be celebrated, something heroic, something to be proud of. And the west sticks its collective head in the sand and sees no problem – except with Israel.

This is one reason alone, one significant reason for sure, that when western politicians or armchair experts, critics or whatever, tell Israel what to do, they are not speaking from a position of strength. Instead, by continuing to ignore the hatred, they are speaking from a position of being terror supporters and enablers. In this case, he who pays the piper seems to have no interest in the tune being played. Such people have no standing in our eyes.

The media plays its part. It is a scandal – a total dereliction of professional standards and integrity – for western media like the BBC, Guardian, CNN, and so on, that they do not report the facts about the situation. There is no excuse. They are facilitating the ongoing incitement.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

Centrist politician Yair Lapid has been attracting a considerable degree of heat and criticism from those on the left of the Israeli political spectrum, because of his explicit remarks denouncing the NGO, Breaking the Silence.

Ynet has an op-ed, from Ben-Dror Yemini on the matter:

Yair Lapid, the Israeli Left’s new enemy

Op-ed: The Yesh Atid leader dared to say what Herzog and Livni are afraid to say: That Breaking the Silence are spewing poison against Israel in the world. What exactly is wrong or inappropriate here?

Do read it all (here) but at least note the main thrust:

One should listen to what Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni have been saying in recent days. They are so kind as to utter a weak word of condemnation against Breaking the Silence, but immediately jump up to defend freedom of expression. As if that’s the point.

Why when it comes to a racist organization like Lehava, they will issue blatant condemnations, and rightfully so, without going on about freedom of expression. But when it comes to an organization cooperating with the BDS movement, which seeks to destroy Israel, they stand up to support freedom of expression. They fail to realize that by doing so, they are associating themselves with the radical left. Just like that, they are scaring off the one-third which returns to the Likud..

Lapid has decided that he’s had enough. He won’t recite Herzog and Livni’s clichés. When someone spits on him, on us, he won’t call it rain just because “journalists don’t like the center,” as Abramovich wrote. So what if they don’t like it? Is that what’s important? Only spineless people recite what the commissars in the media demand that they say.

Lapid hasn’t changed his political views by one iota. He is in favor of any peace initiative which has been rejected by the Palestinians in the past few decades. And a person who speaks in favor of the Saudi initiative isn’t fawning over anyone.

But, alas, he dared to say what Herzog and Livni are afraid to say: That Breaking the Silence are spewing poison against Israel in the world. And yes, it’s time to initiate a legislative move which will prevent funding from elements that are oiling the BDS campaign. What exactly is wrong or inappropriate here?

Following the recent elections, almost everyone in the Zionist Left, including politicians and journalists, declared on every stage that “there is a need for self-examination.” There were endless declarations, but no self-examination. But when one of the camp’s members really starts conducting a self-examination, they attack him.

Lapid was right to speak out, and the op-ed fairly represents my views on the matter. I don’t agree with everything Lapid or Yesh Atid so or say, but on this point I back his stance completely. Unfortunately, unless the moderate left wake up and realize what is happening, they will facilitate the return to power of Bibi and Likud. The moderate left have lost their way.

Be careful with that biking app

Biking apps can be hazardous to the security of your bikes. Especially if you ignore the privacy settings.

As the Register puts it:

IT bloke: Crooks stole my bikes after cycling app blabbed my address

An IT manager in Manchester, England, says thieves stole his bikes after a smartphone cycling app pinpointed the location of his garage.


Another snippet from the report:

His fears were confirmed by an organizer of a local cycling club who told the paper that he had lots of reports in recent months where bicycles had been stolen and the owners suspected it was due to their use of cycling apps advertising their location.

All of which is a timely reminder to people over why they should be careful about what apps they use, what information they share, and why it’s worthwhile spending a bit of time digging into the privacy settings that many apps now offer.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Fast fast has passed

So, that was the the Tenth of Tevet Fast*, that was. Glad it’s over. I’m just slightly upset to have belatedly discovered that, back in Glasgow, the fast is 15 minutes shorter. Unfair!

(*A minor fast – עשרה בטבת‎, Asarah BeTevet – running from dawn to nightfall, marking bad old Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Jerusalem. More here.)