Tied up with Netrunner


Sheer and I were able to play several games of Netrunner this week. I was the Runner, and Sheer was the Corporation. I used Gabriel Santiago twice, and Noise twice. Sheer’s games were all played using Haas-Bioroid.


All were close, tense matches, finishing up with two wins apiece. In three out of the four games, the victory was by the slimmest of margins.


For example, in one game I had the chance to draw the card I needed for the win from Sheer’s hand. He had three cards. Two out of three would have given me the win. I drew the wrong one. (Of course!) In the next turn, Sheer went on to claim the win.

In another game, Sheer was set up to get the win in his next turn. What could I do about it in my turn? Well, I did a run on R&D (his draw deck) which, at great costs, succeeded. The top card turned out to be an agenda, and that gave me the win, instead of him. Hooray!

We have had a lot of close games, and our general conclusion is that the game is very well balanced. Sure, there have been blowouts, but these have very much been in the minority. The more I play this game, the more I like it. I’m glad I picked up several of the expansions during my London trip.


To finish off the night we played a couple of games of Dominion: Intrigue.

In the first, Sheer went with a Saboteur strategy, while I invested in cash. My purchases worked out faster than his Saboteur could destroy them, and that gave me the win. In the second game, the roles were reversed, and I could not keep pace with his buying. So, one win each.

A night of good gaming, with some memorable moments, thanks to a couple of great game designs. Gaming as it was meant to be.