They just don’t get it

David Horovitz has an excellent op-ed at the Times of Israel here. It’s a must read. If you are too lazy to do that, at least note the following extract, starting with the situation of the Second Intifada:

As bombers and gunmen targeted our buses and our shopping malls and our hotels and our colleges and our restaurants, we did two things that France, the US and the rest of the free world will have to do if they want to defeat this latest, particularly despicable Islamist terror iteration: We learned how to reduce our vulnerability to terrorism, and we tackled the killers in their centers of operation. Short-sightedly, hypocritically, and abidingly, the international community, including most of the Western world, barely understood the need for the former strategy, and castigated us for the latter.

Note, in particular, the last point. I would express this as a continuation of the theme They didn’t understand then.

He continues:

We made it harder for terrorists to kill us by doing what those CNN experts are saying is impossible: yes, protecting all our cafes, and restaurants, and shopping malls, and hotel entrances, and buses, and every other public place where our citizens gather, with barriers and metal detectors and security guards; all these years later, suicide bombers still can’t just walk into our theaters and concert halls. We bolstered our intelligence-gathering in the viciously hostile Palestinian territories, notably including the West Bank cities from which we had withdrawn years before in the vain quest for peaceful coexistence. And to the ongoing fury of misguided critics everywhere, we built a security barrier — a mix of fences and sections of wall — so that Palestinian suicide bombers could not just drive into Israel and blow us up. We became a nation of domestic security analysts, gauging where to shop and whether or not to take the bus as we sought to minimize our exposure to the killers. And we toughed it out.

Who remembers the wall? The life saving wall. Every person opposed to it, was in effect against the protection of Israeli citizens. Unforgivable.

He also says this:

At the very least, however, I do recommend that the leaders and security chiefs of France and the rest of Europe and North America reach out to those Israeli counterparts they’ve so often judged and critiqued, to benefit from our bitterly accumulated experience in fighting Islamist terrorism.

And his piece is entitled with a question:

Will the West now adopt Israel’s anti-terror strategies?

I’m guessing they won’t. Why? It’s that theme, brought up to date: They didn’t understand then, and they don’t understand now. They just don’t get it.