People talk about peace, but war is good business.


Thus begins a PR piece on the Globes website about Roboteam. After setting the scene by giving statistics about the size of the global arms market, it goes on to specifics about the company:

One of the Israeli players in the arms industry is Roboteam, founded in Israel, which currently also operates in the US. The company recently signed a $25 million strategic contract with the US Air Force. “We have signed a series of contracts recently,” says Roboteam co-CEO Yosi Wolf, who jointly founded the company with co-CEO Elad Levy in December 2009. “The US Air Force issued a tender that generated intense competition,” Wolf explains. “They have infantry forces, and they issued a tender for robots that a soldier could carry. They wanted the best system in the world, and cost was not a very significant factor.

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime,” he adds. “We’re not the only ones in the market; we competed with very large US companies that make military robots. We worked very hard. They did technical tests that took a long time, and issued their opinion a few weeks ago. We really won first place. It’s a five-year project with an option for two more years. In addition, we have now learned that we are in the top 10 of Deloitte’s Fast 50 list of growing companies.”

The contract with the US army includes not only the robot systems being developed and manufactured by Roboteam, but also regular maintenance of those systems. “This applies to every location in the world where the US army is, for example South Korea, Kuwait, Africa, and Europe. They have a large base on every continent we have to get to. For example, we have a US subsidiary for this purpose that is our field service representative (FSR). They work for us. There are 10 employees in Maryland who travel all over the world and in the US in order to install the systems,” Wolf says.

There are some cool videos at the Roboteam website. The robots look like souped up model sci-fi kits that would be fun to try out. More importantly, it’s easy to see the huge benefits these devices can deliver to the soldiers on the ground, if they operate as adevrtised.

Although it is a sales and marketing promotional piece, you can take enough out of the Globes article to recognize Roboteam‘s genuine achievement in breaking into a lucrative, and highly competitive and demanding field. It’s good to see an Israeli company doing well. Long may it continue.

You can read the whole piece, here.