Paris is burning

Notwithstanding the expected operation by Western security forces against those they identify as fundamentalist Islamist terrorists, I do not expect the situation to be materially different or better for the foreseeable future. To put it simply, I don’t think the people in charge (or their advisers) understand what is going on.

A shorter summary may be my tweet from yesterday.


Meantime, any reasonable, independent, objective observer of matters in the Middle East, would surely take note of these two stories:

The inevitable conclusion should be (another) wake up call to those who see Iran as a potential force for good, and those who see the PA as a mature, responsible, peaceful body.

Finally, the post by Paul M at Harry’s PlaceWhat will not be said – is a must read. He concludes:

“This is not schadenfreude; there’s no pleasure in France’s pain, no grim triumph. My thoughts and sympathy are completely with the French people. Jews overwhelmingly will be wishing France well and safely through this. Israel will be offering not only sympathy but whatever practical support it can. Jews en masse have consistently sided with western, liberal democratic values against their brutal enemies, not only because we would be the first victims but because that is the just cause. It would be so refreshing if Europeans would repay the compliment. If it’s too much to hope that they would do it out of idealism, at least let them understand that it’s the same ideology of hate that is gunning, literally, for both of us, two fronts in the same war.”

It may be too much to hope. As I said at the start, they do not understand.