“Intrigue, intrigue. Will we ever get to out-trigue?”

Sorry about the headline. I was feeling in a stupid mood. I have this damn cough, and it is energy sapping to the point of frustration and beyond. Anyway, can you guess what game we played this week?


Nechemiah, Rosalynn, and Sheer came along, and we played Dominion: Intrigue, San Juan, and Take it Easy.

Dominion: Intrigue

While Nechemiah and Rosalyn await their own copy of Dominion to arrive, they have been keen to get up to speed with the game mechanics. So, both were glad to play, even although this has a completely different set of action cards. They did reasonably well, but were hindered by one or two rookie mistakes. Sheer built himself a great deck, allowing him to play all his cards every turn, and generate enough money. But it was only one buy per turn, and he was a few turns behind. I stuck to a mix of money and simple action cards. I had a decent lead, and although Sheer cut it back, he could not quite catch up.

San Juan

Another popular game, with everyone being familiar with it. We all went our own sweet way in trying to amass the right cards, but Sheer’s combination of 6 point cards was too strong for us all.

Take it Easy

Two quick games of this were the closing action. In one I drew and called the pieces. In the other, Sheer drew and called the pieces. I got lucky and won both games.

Thanks to my three guests for making it another pleasurable gaming evening.