High level gaming

On the table is MMP‘s Battle Above the Clouds, the 8th game of the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series. This one, designed by Ed Beach and Mike Belles, covers the Chickamauga campaign (August-September 1863) and the Chattanooga campaign (October-November 1863).

I have some experience with the system, having played the first three or four fairly extensively, but at some point I stopped playing – but kept buying…

On previous forays into my game collection to select something to play, I have been put off this series by the new standard rulebook. More accurately, the ridiculously tiny font used, is a real barrier. Fortunately, somebody at Consimworld made a Word version, so I can read the rules much more easily. That alone has encouraged me to get the game on the table.


However, that is only part of the story. The other driving force was this:


I also have Mr Powell”s The Maps of Chickamauga. Both are wonderful resources. I plan on buying his other Chickamauga books.

So, meanwhile I am taking my time here; reading the rules, pushing some counters around, reading the history, trying to get familiar with the territory – the maps are gorgeous – and the situation, and generally enjoying myself. I love this hobby!