Following up the own goal

By way of follow up to Bibi’s own goal is in a class of its own, note the following:

  • At My Right Word, there was an attempt to push back against the USA with Netanyahu to Kerry: First Fire The Official Who Called Me Chickenshit. Doubtless a point worth making. However, there is a universal truth that two wrongs do not make a right, and it applies here, for sure. The gross offense caused by the USA official does not give Israel’s officials the right to engage in that ridiculous name calling. By all means, highlight the hypocrisy, but do try and remember the relative bargaining positions. Standing firm, so to speak, is only going to make things worse.
  • At PreOccupied Territory, they are on firmer (albeit satirical) ground with: Baratz Retracts: ‘OK, Kerry DOESN’T Have Brains Of 12-Year-Old’ and “I apologize to twelve-year-olds everywhere for my insensitivity.” Ouch!
  • Finally, the ever reliable Times of Israel has David Horovitz to thank for the usual dose of common sense, entitled: Netanyahu, Obama and an offensive media adviser who must be dropped now. And the strapline doesn’t spare Bibi: “Op-ed: There is no acceptable explanation for the PM’s failure to immediately cancel the appointment of a senior official who branded the US president anti-Semitic.” Spot on.