Five for Friday

Lonely yacht – Netanya, July 2008

Lonely yacht – Netanya, July 2008

After last week’s London excursion, this was almost a normal week, at work, rest, and play. It was a bit strange being somewhere that Shabbat came in so early again, but there was the compensation of sufficient time for a pre meal nap to charge the batteries! This week has been dominated by work and its many challenges, though there was an epic games session in the middle, so no complaints from me. Unfortunately, the current terror wave continues. I am in awe of those who daily put themselves (literally) in the firing line, and sometimes wonder if we underestimate the toll on our young people. There are no easy solutions. We keep going.

And, talking of that, here are the regular selection of links for you:

This week’s bonus

Here it is: the five best Adele ‘Hello’ parodies, so far. Enjoy.

Shabbat Shalom!