Five for Friday

Sky from the mall - November 2007, Melbourne, Australia

Sky from the mall – November 2007, Melbourne, Australia

This week’s central theme was bronchitis. A little personal health issue that was more persistent and challenging than I would have liked, messing up my sleep, and screwing up the work program. Hopefully, resting up over Shabbat will see off the worst of the effects, and I can get back to living (and breathing) a routine of some sort. On the plus side, I did get to do some more reading than normal. I have discovered a new top-notch crime/thriller writer, and will try and get a review done in the next week or so.

To keep to the basics, however, I am able to offer the usual weekly selection of links. Here they are:

Shabbat Shalom!

PS: the picture is something new I am trying out. Each Five for Friday, I am going to try and lead off with a photo I have taken. No connection to the content (unless by accident) is intended; just something to look at.