Big Ben or Arthur’s Seat?

From the Herald, a tale of an activist, the security services, and a classic Israeli put down.

Scots SNP pro Palestine activist detained at Israeli airport

A Glasgow pro-Palestine campaigner was detained at Tel Aviv Airport and held for more than 24 hours before being deported back to Britain.

Andy Murray, convenor of the SNP Friends of Palestine group, was held for hours, questioned, had phones and laptop confiscated, his luggage and body scanned for traces of explosives and put in a cell overnight with three other men.

I wonder if that last part is a complaint:

“…put in a cell overnight with three other men.”

Did he want to be in a cell overnight with three women?

Mr Murray from the west end of Glasgow said he is certain he was picked out because of his campaigning and after a meeting with Israeli Embassy staff from London at the SNP Conference in Aberdeen last month.

He was told he would be held for five days and sent home on his scheduled flight which was due today and was only released after MP Carol Monaghan asked the Foreign Office to intervene.

Mr Murray said while he was dealt with compassionately and was not mistreated he was insulted and felt intimidated during the ordeal.

Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t make sense for Israel to allow a foreign troublemaker in to the country? Mr Murray didn’t consider that, perchance? Did he turn his brain off before going to Tel Aviv?

Anyway, the report includes this cracker:

He said: “I asked to be allowed to speak to the British Embassy and was told ‘You have no rights in this country. Look out the window, do you see Big Ben?‘ ”

We all know that a truly educated Israeli official would, instead, have said:

“Look out the window. Do you see Arthur’s Seat?”

Missed opportunity, guys.

You can read the report here. (Some of the comments are poisonous. No surprise, unfortunately.)

You may consider that it is worth putting Mr Murray forward for a Darwin Award. At least that way he would get something out of his doomed mission!