Why not to watch Al Jazeera


From Tuvia Tenenbom‘s I Sleep in Hitler’s Room (review coming soon):

“…Al Jazeera has two TV stations, one in Arabic and one in English, and two websites, also in Arabic and in English. The English part and the Arabic part are diametrically opposed. The English one is moderate, more or less like British BBC. The Arabic part is more extreme than Hamas. For whatever reason, which I’m not clear about, this fact remains a secret in the West. But this fact does not mean that Al Jazeera Arabic is not interesting. On the contrary, it’s much more interesting than its English sibling. Here I can watch news I see nowhere else.

At this very moment they carry a live broadcast from some flotilla that makes its way into Gaza from Turkey. Sheikh Raed Salah, of the Islamic Movement in Israel, is currently giving a little speech. As is his usual routine, he incites the crowd against Jews. Raed Salah can easily claim the title “Biggest Ant-Semite in the Muslim World.” Or, being that he’s an Arab, the Biggest Jew Hater. Raed, who previously accused Jews of mixing the blood of non-Jewish children into their breads, is getting a lot of applause here. The Turkish government wholeheartedly supports this flotilla and this Raed, but if I were Muslim I would sink the flotilla right now. These people make Muslims look like total idiots. They call themselves “peace activists” and “human-rights activists” but their peace is the peace of the cemetery. As a Saudi man in Riyadh told me two years ago, when I asked him if he thought that peace was possible: “Yes. As it says in this Holy Book, all Jews die and there be peace between all.” He imagined a big Peace Cemetery, where all the Jews will be buried. “We don’t fight cemeteries,” he said, a big smile on his face.”

Worth noting if you are inclined to watch Al Jazeera in English. By doing so you are effectively promoting Jew hatred. There’s much more to be taken from this single extract, but discuss it among yourselves. For now, this post is a marker. As indicated above, I want to do a review of the book, soon.