Vin Diesel, The Last Witch Hunter, and Dungeons & Dragons


There’s a new film on the way – The Last Witch Hunter – starring Vin Diesel. This is him talking:

“Let me go way back. For the 30th anniversary Dungeons and Dragons the company at the time asked me to write the foreword for the book. [In it] I talked about my experience growing up playing Dungeons and Dragons religiously. I even talked about a character that I had named Melkor — a name that obviously I stole from The Silmarillion — and [how] that character was a witch hunter.

[Then] about four years ago I met with a writer name Cory Goodman and we started talking. Someone put us together because he was a D&D player. [Afterwards, Cory] went off to write a whole film around my character Melkor. Just the very fact that I’d be playing a witch hunter speaks to how nerdy I was about the game, how committed I was to D&D because witch hunter [wasn’t a] class by TSR at the time. It was a character that you could get from a third party book of characters called The Arcanum. There were a few characters that started there that eventually Dungeons and Dragons took over; one of those characters was a witch hunter.”

So the film exists because Vin Diesel is a D&D player, and set off a creative train of thought. Hmmm. I may have to go and see the film. (And I may have to rethink what I feel about Vin Diesel.) You can read the article from which the above is taken, here. The film’s official site is here.

[Thanks to Lee for the spot.]