The moment has passed

Rita Reinhold - 1926-2015

Rita Reinhold – 1926-2015

One moment is all it takes, and the change is made; from living and breathing, to the big, final, full stop we call death. Oh, we have lots of euphemisms, but they do not truly mask the stark certainty of the end. Probably that’s a good thing, though for most of society it remains a taboo subject. After all, if we focused too much on that certainty, we might question the purpose of our existence, and come up short when seeking an answer. Blessed are those with faith that shields them from the doubt, and empowers them to not only keep going, but to make the most of their life. I want to be one of these people. I want to live in the now, recognizing each day is a gift. None of us are guaranteed to wake up tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that. And so on. Therefore, I am truly grateful for the gift, and pray that I won’t take it for granted.

One memory is all it takes, and the mood is changed; from mourning to the celebration of a smile, a laugh, a joke. Some little episode through which the loved one continues to live, even if only in our recollection. We want to remember, because we also hope to be remembered. We look back at the generation that has passed, and those before it, and wonder what the generations after us will think about our generation. Good or bad? Happy or sad? Blessed or cursed? Just let us be remembered.

Rita will be remembered. May her memory be a blessing, and may the family be spared sorrow for many years to come.