Socialism of antisemites

Harry’s Place has a recent post by Twll Dun that shows further evidence of the historic ability of one Jeremy Corbyn to unerringly choose the antisemitic option when presented with a choice. Funnily enough, you might say. In 2012, he was opposed to the removal from public display of a piece of antisemitic art. He was in “good” company; a certain Yvonne Ridley was also opposed.

But, more troubling, is the evidence that those on the left of British politics – in the Corbyn vicinity, as it were – are as antisemitic as it is possible to be. Yet they cannot see it. Sad. To quote from the post:

“Until the left accepts that it glosses over antisemitism in its ranks, that it turns a blind eye, or makes some hand-waving justification, until the left wakes up to this shit, then it betrays the morals that it claims to stand for.”

But will it ever happen?

Whatever part of the British Jewish establishment that is supposed to be fighting antisemitism, has got an impossible job on its hands.

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