Is Corbyn being cowardly?

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

Guido Fawkes reports:

“Jeremy Corbyn is making excuses for missing his first Privy Council meeting and investiture kneeling at the feet of the Queen. Claiming a diary clash he could join the Privy Council without attending in a procedure usually reserved for people who are overseas. Guido suspects that the palace will compromise and spare Comrade Corbyn’s blushes rather than allow it to become a point of political controversy. Guido would have more respect for Corbyn’s republicanism if he openly said that as a democrat he wasn’t going to kneel in front of an unelected hereditary monarch. Claiming a diary clash is cowardly…”

It’s Corbyn’s right to be a republican (or any other political type he wants to be). However, when that ‘type’ is a genuine belief, the right thing to do in public office is to stand up for the belief – stand up for your principles. It appears that Mr Corbyn isn’t doing that.

Like Guido Fawkes, I also would have more respect for his republican stance if it were maintained. But, to do as the report suggests is neither proper nor principled, unless the diary clash is genuine, and really, really important, and incapable of being rescheduled. My gut tells me he is behaving like a coward.