Five for Friday

The week started with Simchat Torah, and a much welcomed goodbye to the festival season. Enough already! The fact that the emotional highlight (for me) of the last chag is Yizkor, means it’s a damn fine thing it’s followed by a return to work. However, a short week at work is like dipping your toe in the swimming pool: you don’t get the full underwater experience – people are still half on holiday mode (or on half holiday mode?) and there’s a quieter atmosphere than usual. Next week, a full week at work, and I can try and get back into some kind of routine.

Talking about routine, we have a visitor in the house. Michele, I hope you have a great time while you are here. Sorry the first rain welcomed your arrival!

Finally, what to say about the current wave of terror attacks?  David Horovitz at the Times of Israel reports from last night’s press conference held by Bibi and company:

“This is part of an endless battle against those who want to kill us: Israel has been fighting terrorism since “the start of the Zionist enterprise,” Netanyahu said early in his press conference. Fighting it, and beating it. Today we’re tackling “terrorists who have been incited and are filled with hatred.” And Israel, he promised, will prevail in this phase of the ongoing struggle too. (Half of the hundreds of Palestinians arrested as terror suspects in recent weeks are minors, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan said a little later — hundreds of young minds incited to violence.)”

It’s low level terror – still terror, and still deadly – largely perpetrated by the younger elements. The main driver? Incitement. It’s a theme I have mentioned several times. If only the West actually cared about antisemitism and incitement, and did something about it, it would surely lessen the tensions, and increase the prospects of peace. But for now, we will endure. We have faced worse, and we are not for running away. But we will still hope and pray for peace.

Finally, in case you thought I had forgotten, this week’s regular selection of links:

Shabbat Shalom!