Damn Intrigue


Now that the holidays are well and truly over, it’s time to get some gaming going again. Here’s this week’s session report.

I was joined by Nechamiah, Rosalynn, and Sheer.

Short Version: Sheer won both games.

Longer Version: Sheer still won both games, but here’s how.

First up was Dominion: Intrigue. Nechamiah was keen to try this as he waits for his own copy of the base game to arrive, and it’s fair to say he enjoyed it and his thirst has been whetted and whetted. Rosalynn, who has some experience with the game, got off to  a cracking start. She used a couple of Coppersmith cards to plunder a couple of Duchies, and went into the lead. Then it was Nechamiah’s turn to get the money to buy some, then Sheer, then, me.

At this point, I started using the Torturer – forcing my opponents to discard down to 3 cards, or take a curse.  This, combined with the already purchased victory point cards in hands, really slowed down Nechamiah and Rosalynn. Sheer took full advantage, and although I pressed him closely, he won by a couple of points. (Maybe four?)


Next up was Hansa Teutonica. It was new to Nechamiah and Rosalynn, and unfortunately is one of those games that is particularly difficulty to do well in against experienced opposition in your first outing. I let Sheer go first, so the others could get an idea of what to do, and he used the advantage to storm into the lead and stay there. But, Nechamiah did very well, and was within reach; a highly commendable effort. Rosalynn wasn’t that far away, but I was firmly, and securely in last place. Oh joy!

Thanks to those who came for making it a fun night.