And now?

Another terrorist attack, more orphans, and more hate.

On the one hand, there are calls for revenge; calls that any civilized society should reject and condemn.

On the other hand, we have the likes of Hamas praising “the heroic operation” which fellow travelers in terror Islamic Jihad had claimed responsibility for.

I’m typing this, hoping that cooler heads will prevail, but wondering where the solution is going to come from.

I suspect the upswing in violence is a direct consequence of the continued incitement in the Palestinian and Arab media. This, let’s not forget, is an ongoing incitement that the West ignores. BBC, Guardian, or CNN articles on this topic? None that I could find. What about steps taken by the USA or the West – who fund this hate – to stop it? None.

So long as the incitement continues – turned up or down as Palestinian political needs dictate – terrorist attacks are likely to continue. And short of collective punishment style measures, it is difficult to see an effective response.

If there is a tiny sliver of hope, it may be found here:

Arab-Israeli activist stirs controversy by condemning Henkin murders

Thanaa Jawabreh apologizes on Facebook for the ‘bloodthirsty killers among us’; says many Palestinians feel the same but afraid to voice it

It should be shocking to the world that it is controversial for an Arab to condemn terrorism, but there you go. (The details are here.) She seems to be one brave lady. If only there were more like her.

Of course, the bizarre aspect of the Henkin murders is this:

“A military wing of Fatah, Abbas’s mainstream PLO faction, claimed responsibility for the killings.”

So, Israel’s peace partner leads a faction that murders and commits terrorist atrocities. And the consequences of this for Abbas and the PLO leadership are… summed up by the same silence that featured so highly in Bibi’s UN speech. In short, it is of no consequence, apparently.

I believe the situation we are in now could have been different (for the better), but the narrative involves political criticism which I do not feel is appropriate now. Let’s simply say that in these dark days, we may be about to find out who our true friends and supporters are.