They hate the Star of David

From the Times of Israel:

A number of pro-Palestinian organizations have petitioned the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to expel Israel’s national emergency medical service for using the emblem of the international federation on its ambulances operating in West Bank.

The Palestinian groups charge that Magen David Adom — the country’s medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service — is in violation of a Geneva Convention protocol stipulating Israeli paramedic teams use a neutral emblem while working outside the country, the Yedioth Aharonoth daily newspaper reported Sunday.

The background is important. The MDA only became a full (ha!) part of the ICRC in 2006, after surrendering its principles agreeing to abide by a protocol adopted by Geneva Convention signatories the year before.

The protocol introduced a neutral “red crystal” emblem to be used by any relief teams in areas where there is sensitivity about Christian or Muslim symbols.

They should never have signed the protocol. It was wrong, wrong, wrong. And now it has come back to bite them.

Here’s the graphic from the TOI site:


On the right – OK for use “in Israel.” On the left, for use “outside Israel.”

If we ignore the protocol, we see what the protest is about. They hate the Star of David. It is not the Israeli flag, but the worldwide symbol associated with Jews. They hate the Star of David. It offends them.

It’s OK for Israel to (rightly) tolerate the cross and the crescent, but they cannot tolerate the Star of David – even when doing humanitarian work!

The MDA may have given them cover for their hatred (by signing the damned protocol) but those with an objective and independent mind will surely recognize that what is being displayed here is naked Jew hate.

And the world snores on.