Never a truer word?

The Elder of Ziyon reports here (via Buzzfeed) on the ongoing and increasing toll of civilian casualties caused by USA forces. (What do you mean, you haven’t heard anything about it?) For those with a basic grounding in the issues, and the realities of war, there are no surprises. Unfortunately.

The Elder’s conclusion contains the clear, unvarnished truth about the situation, and the obscene double standards the world so smugly applies. It’s important to highlight this and share it widely:

“This is what happens in war.

But the US is not held to the same standards of investigation into each incident that Israel is.

Israel keeps track of each mortar, tank shell and missile so it can investigate the circumstances and ensure that mistakes are minimized – but the US is simply covering their mistakes up.

And no one cares, just as they don’t care about Saudi air raids in Yemen, because they only care when Jews can be blamed.

The ancient hatred remains, burning brightly in the hypocritical halls of power in Washington, Whitehall, and elsewhere. And it is an everlasting light of hate in the mass media of today.