Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation


This is the modern cinema experience at its best and worst, simultaneously. Here’s a film that gives you cardboard characters, a creaky plot, and a swathe of destruction and death that is just plain daft. But it also gives you two hours of escape from the real world, with a high energy, all action adventure. In short, simple escapism.

Some of the stunts were terrific, and the film even had its moments of comedy dialogue. Simon Pegg did himself a lot of favors with a performance that somehow managed to exceed the role and the setting, projecting himself as more flexible and talented an actor than he is often credited as. The rest were largely unremarkable – not unusual given the strictures of the environment, but I’d like to think bit player Hermione Corfield has a bright future, and that both Jeremy Renner and Sean Harris won’t have their careers dented by appearing in this film.

Finally, the action moves across several countries and yet somehow manages to avoid getting the number and quality of decent scenic shots you might have expected. Nothing, it appears, must challenge the action.

Fun to watch, but it won’t linger long in the memory.