If the EU presses Israel, Israel should press back

The possibility that the EU will demand Israel labels produce from Judea and Samaria, or impose other restrictions or sanctions, is popping up with ever more frequency. Somebody is stirring the pot.

With that in mind, I seriously hope that the Israeli government has read this paper and made the appropriate preparations. It is a policy paper by Prof. Avi Bell and Prof. Eugene Kontorovich entitled:

Challenging the EU’s Illegal Restrictions on Israeli Products in the World Trade Organization

You can read the executive summary here, from which you will see that the EU action is… illegal! In a nutshell, the actions proposed by Europe breach the GATT and WTO (trade agreement) standards. Israel could – and should – take the EU to court, if the situation develops as expected. If nothing else, the EU policy makers will have a bit of challenge explaining away their blatantly discriminatory policy in a court of law.

I do hope somebody in the Israeli government is up to speed on this. If you happen to be on good terms with Bibi, please do tell him!