I can see clearly now

I’m not sure if I will ever understand Obama and his foreign policies. As I have said before, even excluding Israel (where I obviously have a vested interest) it seems difficult to me to suggest that Obama’s policies have put the USA in a stronger place in the world than it was when he took power. Indeed, most would argue the USA is in a weaker position. But, on the assumption that was not Obama’s goal, where was he getting his planning, positioning, and opinions from? Thanks to Hillary and her email server, we have some new clues:

Hillary and her team are fans of Max Blumenthal, Peter Beinart, J-Street

The Hillary Clinton emails that were just released show that she and her team are far more to the left, and far more interested in promoting the leftist J-Street view of Israel, than she lets on publicly.

The Elder of Ziyon has the story, here.

Note his conclusion:

Based on the relatively narrow timeframe of last night’s email dump the overall tone is that Israel is obstinate and not interested in peace, the Zionist American Jewish community must be marginalized, the Palestinians are victims and not responsible for any of their actions, and that Hillary must still publicly cultivate the AIPAC crowd while working behind the scenes to undermine it. Haaretz is liberally quoted but no conservative analysis about Israel ever reached Hillary’s eyes through her handpicked, trusted advisers.

Does that sound like anyone else? Someone in an even more powerful position?

The problem may not (only) be with Obama. The problem may be with the advisers.

The bigger problem? Obama is on his way out. Hillary may be on her way in. I hope Bibi is paying attention.