Hey Volkswagen! This is how you reduce exhaust emissions.

In the light of Volkswagen’s woes, maybe some of their (new?) senior management might like to invest time in reading a snippet from the Jerusalem Post:

As traffic rolled to a stop for the duration of Yom Kippur, so too did levels of nitrogen oxides – contaminants prominent in vehicular emissions.

Similar to each year, as child bicyclists and pedestrians take over the country’s major arteries, Israel’s urban centers experienced much more breathable air for the duration of the holiday. The dramatic improvement is indicative of transportation’s role as the major source of pollution in cities, the Environmental Protection Ministry said on Wednesday night.

In the Gush Dan region, nitrogen oxide levels decreased to about 50 times lower than those prior to Yom Kippur – from 139 parts per billion to just 2.8 parts per billion, according to the ministry. Jerusalem’s nitrogen oxide levels plunged to about 64 times lower than pre-holiday values – from 179 parts billion also to 2.8 parts per billion – while those in Haifa fell to about 82 times lower – from 229 parts per billion to 2.8 parts per billion as well, the ministry said.

That’s quite some difference. You can read the whole thing here.  And no cheating was involved!

Incidentally, I am interested to see the full details of how Volkswagen cocked up in such a dramatic (and stupid) fashion. Who, in their right mind, ever thought the fiddle would stay secret?