Further bridge extension

The bridge scandal (see here, here, and here) continues to develop.

The two gentlemen in the (very) hot seat, Fisher and Schwartz, have matched their legal offensive with a Facebook campaign. It’s not much of a campaign, though, and if these guys want to make a better impression, they are going to have to get down and get dirty with the detail. By that, I mean they are going to have to directly answer the specific instances of alleged use of codes. That’s a difficult challenge. But they are going to have to show, probably, that so called signals were no such thing, with evidence of the ‘signals’ not being followed.  Saying ‘we did not cheat’ will not cut it.

At the same time, there has been fallout affecting the Israeli team. With Fisher and Schwartz in the team, they had qualified for the Bermuda Bowl. Now the Israeli Bridge Federation (IBF) has withdrawn the Israeli team A smart decision, by the looks of it.

Also, the IBF is carrying out an investigation. It has indicated it will allow Fisher and Schwartz time to go to court, but it is continuing to make its inquiries. The IBF is well aware of the public interest, as well as the potential for litigation, and cannot be happy about the trouble it has been landed in.

More to come, inevitably.