And, as for gaming…

I am slowly making my way through the Waterloo battle in the Le Retour de l’Empereur package from Pratzen. The action is fast at the start, but inevitably slows down as more of the forces come to blows. That, plus I am trying to do my best for each side, so leaving a bit of time between the turn for each side. I am also taking care to try and avoid any major rule mistakes, while noting the little events that don’t seem quite right. However, I certainly do not want to give any negative impression about the game as I am enjoying it enormously. It was recently announced that there is to be a Vassal set, and that the next release in the series – from Legion Wargames (see here) – may be out sooner than expected.

Beyond that, we played a couple of sessions of R-Eco over Sukkot. Tomer won one, and Lori won one. Definitely one of the family’s favorites. Plus the waiter at the hotel was intrigued, though he was starting from a better position than most, being knowledgeable about games in general.

Games are taking a bit of a back seat, understandably, to family matters this holiday. They will be waiting for me when I am ready to return.