A BDS quote

After the recent BDS non event in South Africa, it’s worth reading this post (at Divest This!) to remind yourself the repetitive trend of that poisonous movement. I particularly liked this:

The mechanism leading to such behavior is remarkably familiar to long-time BDS trackers. First, an SJP-type group gets off the ground, usually by presenting enough of a moderate face to be able to attract new members whose empathy for a suffering “other” far outweighs their knowledge of the region, its history and current events.

Indeed, you may recognize the scene from several videos out there, interviewing BDS protesters and discovering that – to put it politely – they do not have a clue. And if they have a clue, it is often wrapped up in some antisemitic nonsense. That’s why, getting the right message out there is so important. Every one of us can make a contribution.