The Governor will see you now


This week, Nechamiah, Peleg, Rosalynn, and Sheer joined me for a two game session.

We started with a warm up by way of R:Eco, a card (hand management) game built on a recycling theme. Sheer and Peleg were the contyenders in this one, with Sheer pulling ahead in the last couple of rounds for the win.

It did the job, making us flex our gaming muscles before the main event.

And what a main event it was. We played Puerto Rico, which all of us except Nechamiah had played before. However, he had played San Juan, so was well versed in some of the basics, and he quickly assimilated the rest.  (I was especially impressed by how quickly he got to grips with the different building powers. This was unusually so for a first time player.)

One challenging aspect of Puerto Rico, especially with five players, is that the choices other players make can well and truly sink your bid for victory.

For example, there were several occasions when Peleg lost out because somebody else chose the Craftsman role (to produce goods) in a way that left him short of goods. As another example, there were also several occasions when I lost out, because somebody else chose the Captain role (to ship goods and claim VPs) that scuppered my plans to sell the goods for lots of money. Finally, there were occasions when Sheer lost out, though in his case it was for several different reasons. His usual high level of playing skill just was not delivering the goods, as it were.

You will notice that in the preceding narrative about people losing out, I have omitted Nechamiah and Rosalynn. That’s because, on the whole, they brilliantly avoided being adversely affected by the play going on around them. That translated to a fine second place finish by Nechamiah, and a smashing, crushing win by Rosalynn. Quite an impressive result. Well done to Rosalynn. And commiserations to the rest of us!

Another good night of gaming. Thanks to all who came to help make it so.