That’s not Judaism; that’s terrorism.

No ifs. No buts. It was terrorism.

It was terrorism when Yishai Shlissel attacked the Jerusalem Gay Parade.

It was terrorism when person or persons unknown – but probably Jewish extremists – firebombed the Dawabsha home in the Palestinian village of Duma, killing a baby, and badly injuring other family members.

I condemn the perpetrators.

I condemn those who excuse their actions.

I condemn those who incite, encourage, or support them.

I condemn the rabbis who do not condemn the perpetrators.

Two separate horror stories, but one common thread: we have an issue in Israel with religious extremism and Jewish terrorism, and we need to deal with it – forcefully, firmly, and fully. And with the same focus, ferocity, and dedication as we deal with other extremism and terrorism. Or else there will, I regret to say, be more of the same.