Still cross at the crossroads

My second attempt at getting a French win at Quatre Bras failed. (See here.) Too many attacks stalled, and the French therefore lost too much time recovering. I need to sharpen that aspect of my play.


Night falls, and the Allied line holds at Quatre Bras. At the top middle of the picture, the French cavalry are threatening, but previous attacks by the infantry on the line were unsuccessful, and their charges were similarly beaten back. At times it was close, but the French need a better commander!

There were some negative comments on Consimworld by gamers whose opinion was worth noting, but I am glad I didn’t let that stop me buying and playing the game. I have found it enjoyable – if somewhat quirky in places – and evocative.

I’m probably going to have yet another bash at Quatre Bras before I think about tackling the bigger stuff in the box.