Gordon’s not doing so well

Gordon’s Gin that is:

“Budget price supermarket gins – some a snip at less than a tenner a bottle – have trounced their more expensive and established rivals in a consumer taste test.

The supermarkets’ own-label crisp dry white wines were also rated more highly on taste than popular high street brands.

Drinks experts from the consumer group Which? rated 12 standard-range gins and 10 crisp dry white wines from a selection of supermarket own-label products and popular brands.

Own-brand gin was the resounding winner. Gins from Morrisons, Lidl and Waitrose were all rated higher than established brands Greenall’s and Beefeater, while market leader Gordon’s – which accounts for half of all gin sales in the UK – trailed behind in a disappointing ninth position.”

This way to the Guardian article with the complete listing.