Foot in mouth outbreak

This, from the Times of Israel, is dreadful:


I am not referring to the fact the government were discussing military options against Iran. Obviously they were. I am referring to the inability of Barak to keep his mouth firmly shut.

It seems that Barak was not intending the material to be disclosed:

The material apparently comes from conversations related to a new biography of Barak being written by Danny Dor and Ilan Kfir. The former defense minister, who was also previously prime minister and chief of staff, attempted to prevent the broadcasting of the recordings, but Israel’s military censors allowed Channel 2 to play them.

However, that is no excuse. He should not have been blabbing about bombing Iran to a biographer, a journalist, or anyone not constrained by official secrecy laws.

I do want to point out that, as somebody opposed to censorship, I’m pleased there was none exercised here. Pleased, but surprised. Presumably the military censors saw nothing that would harm Israel – militarily – in the disclosures. Or, is there some kind of game being played by the spooks? After all, a sensational set of soundbites like this will undoubtedly appear in the western media, and not in a way that puts Israel in a positive light.

Barak may have other troubles, but this episode does nothing for his image. Would you put your faith in a set of loose lips like his?

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