Flying figures

An interesting tidbit from Globes:

Passenger traffic at Ben Gurion airport is beating all forecasts. There will be an all-time record number of people passing through Ben Gurion airport today [Thursday 13 August 2015] as about 80,000 passengers fly in about 457 incoming and outgoing flights.

August is also expected to be a new record month for the Israeli airport with over two million passengers arriving and departing on international flights. In July passenger traffic at Ben Gurion airport was up 20% and the number of flights was up 10% compared with the corresponding months last year.

The rise in the number of passengers is due to the EU Open Skies agreement that has greatly expanded the range of carrier, and options for low-cost flights.

Since tourism to Israel is (or was) down – see here – it looks as if Israelis are responsible for taking the opportunity of using the new connections and holidaying abroad. Hopefully these personal interactions with foreigners will be positive, and build little bridges of peace, goodwill, and understanding. OK. I admit it. I’m channeling my inner hippy.