Five for Friday

This was supposed to be a quiet week. It wasn’t. Too much to do in too little time, and the rumblings of an oncoming cold or flu or something-or-other, all combined to make me happy to crash out earlier than usual on Thursday night. But sleep refused to come. I even tried reading some Hebrew, but that didn’t work; instead I got a headache.

So, I was feeling slightly sorry for myself when I struggled out of bed this morning. I looked at my list of things to do, and sighed. But somebody was looking after me, because I got my stuff done in record time, and even managed to get the car cleaned. (As an aside, while I never worried about using water to wash my car, back in Scotland, for some reason, it doesn’t feel right in Israel. No, I cannot fully explain it.)

Now, it’s the calm before the calm, and I have some time to offer up the usual weekly selection of links. I hope you find something for you in them:


I saw the following video at Anne’s Opinions, and thought it deserved sharing. There’s a certain Roger Cohen who comes out of this looking like an idiot.

And here’s the other excellent video from the creator, Ezri Tubi.

Shabbat Shalom!