Five for Friday

I did a dangerous thing today; I went to the supermarket.

Friday is a dangerous day in itself, but supermarket trips are extra risky. There are all these people intent in bashing into you (with trolley, body, or both) as they race round the place, and head for the checkout. And these people make it busy, so everything takes that much longer to do. The situation is exacerbated by the narrow aisles (compared to the UK and USA) which can get jammed so easily. It is a mystery to me why the store has staff trying to restock shelves during such a busy day. That certainly adds to the balagan.

As an aside, they have recently introduced self checkout terminals. These are a hoot, not because they do not work, but because whoever set them up in our local store did not think about where people would ‘queue’ to use them. So, there are sometimes two queues, sometimes one, and sometimes arguments about who was there first. You can imagine. I stay away from them.

Anyway, today things started calming down just as I was ready to head for the checkout, so after finding a short queue, it wasn’t too bad. And I made my escape, and rushed home, all as part of getting ready for Shabbat.

Now I am ready to introduce this week’s selection of links. There is a lot going on out there, and I hope there’s something for everyone in the following. If not, try again next week!

Shabbat Shalom!