Bridge crossing

I saw this earlier in the week at the Times of Israel:

Thee normally sedate game of bridge was hit by a scandal this week when two world class Israeli players were accused of cheating by their teammates, who have handed back three of the prestigious titles they won together.

Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz were named and shamed by teammates Boye Brogeland, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist and Richie Schwartz, with Brogeland writing on the website earlier this week that they “believe in a clean game.”

“If you have a cheating pair on your team, I believe you should lose whatever master points, seeding points and titles you have won together,” he wrote. “The Schwartz team from the two previous cycles… has decided to give up the Spingold Trophy, the Reisinger Trophy and the North American Swiss that we ‘won’ in 2014 and 2015. We believe in a clean game and we love bridge.”

Fisher and Schwartz have denied any foul play, and Fisher has accused the foursome of acting out of envy at their superior skills. “Jealousy made you sick,” he said, according to the Daily Telegraph. “Get ready for a meeting with the devil.”

The full story is here.

I checked out some of the stories at yesterday, including detailed analysis of some of the hands played by the two alleged offenders. Interesting.

Today, this is what I get at



Presumably there is more to come about this story. I do hope these guys have not been cheating.