Winning walls


This week’s session saw Nechamiah, Rosalynn, and Sheer join me for two classic games and a heap of fun.

First up was Alhambra, the game where you try and build a structure that has a long wall, and a majority of the different types of building. I was the only one who had played it before, so it was no surprise that by the time the first round of scoring came around (there are three) I was in the lead. At that point, as we used to say back in the Old Land, the penny dropped for the others, and I was demoted to last place. Nechamiah and Rosalynn improved their building decisions, and rapidly upped their score. Unfortunately for them, Sheer was a tad better, and so he was the eventual winner. Everyone liked the game, tending to confirm its status as a classic worthy of repeated play.

Next was San Juan, a smart card management game.¬†Again, I was the only one who had played it before, but that was absolutely no use whatsoever to me, and I finished well out of the reckoning. Rosalynn and Nechamiah did quite well, but winner Sheer did better. The game was well received, with people keen to try it for a second time, having properly assimilated what was required for success. I would expect subsequent games to be closer contests. I might even get a respectable score…

Thanks to the visitors for making my night.