Praying for a safe arrival


Spotted (and snapped) by Sarah-Lee, on the morning train to Tel Aviv.

Even though it is not something I ever expect to do, the pictured activity is definitely one of the feel good factors available in Israel.

However, if I were so inclined, I wonder in how many countries it would be safe to engage in such an obvious display of being a member of the Red Sea Pedestrians.

I am equally affected by the sight of Muslims engaged in public prayer. It is significant that this freedom exists, and is so publicly exercised. (Not that you would know this from the media coverage of the place.)

There’s a drop-off and pickup point I pass in my morning commute, and quite often among those gathering are some people taking time out for their contemplation and prayers. It gives me a nice warm feeling, and presumably something positive to the participants, too.

One of the many joys of Israel.