Israel in a good light

There is an IDF scholarship program in the name of a former Druse soldier, Salim Shufi . Recipients of awards from the program recently met Bibi, and according to this report┬áin the Jerusalem Post, “the event with the prime minister and other important figures had given the students a sense of pride.”

This is just one small story. But it’s one of a countless number of such stories in a similar vein – about Israel and its people – that are out there, every single day.

Similar, in that they show good things happening.

Similar in that they make a mockery of the demented demonization of Israel.

Similar, in that they are ignored by the western media, because they do not fit the pattern of their message: Israel is bad, bad, bad, we tell you. And if we are ever at risk of seeing or hearing anything about Israel that is good, we are going to shut our eyes, and stick our fingers in our hears. You will note that small stories which are critical of Israel, are far more likely to appear in that same western media.

Thankfully, no matter the extent of that media madness (and badness) we survive, thrive, and confound the conspirators. Long may it continue.