Home from Arizona

The sad part of Consimworld Expo is the end, in particular coming in to the normally packed main room, and seeing bare tables. Where did all those great games go? Like me, they went home.

I flew back with one stopover at Heathrow. Because I was flying British Airways throughout, I did not have to change terminal. I did a bit of shopping and chilled, before getting on the final flight.

It’s noticeable the different security approach between BA and El Al. For example, connecting to an El Al flight into Tel Aviv, they make you identify your luggage and do a security interview. Not with BA. I can better understand why people prefer to fly El Al, though sometimes the El Al prices are obscenely high.

Coming in to Tel Aviv late on Monday night, I saw this large traffic jam. I wondered what it was at so late an hour. Perhaps a concert? On the taxi back from the airport, I found out. They are doing resurfacing work to Kvish Arba (Road Four) and, despite it being well after midnight, the traffic jam was horrendous. The taxi driver did the usual trick of going down the wrong lane, and cutting in to the right lane at the last minute. He then complained when somebody did the same to him!

It’s good to be home.