Alice was never in Wonderland…

…and she has no claim to Wonderland, except that of an occupier by force.

Yes, you guessed it; we are back in the wacky world of conspiracy theories, and alternative history, so cherished in this part of the world. If it’s not Zionist attack pigs, or phantom olive tree bulldozers (on Shabbat!), it’s putting a perverse spin on history. That’s how we suffer such rubbish as Jesus the Palestinian, and the fables of how the Jews lived a life of pleasure, leisure, and safety under Muslim rule.

The most recent phenomena, clearly driven by official Palestinian policy, is to deny Jewish connections to Israel. Every such connection. There never was a Temple, they say. There never was a Jewish nation, they say. And on and on it goes. The Romans must be turning in their grave, frustrated at seeing their imperial efforts ignored. Real historians must be seething with anger, while keeping their heads below the parapet, just in case. And there seems no change on the horizon. The Tisha B’Av broadcast by Joint (Arab) List MK Masud Ganaim repeated the claim that Jews have no historical connection to the Temple Mount. (See the report, here.) Given the spectacularly over the top (alleged) reaction by Palestinian youth (aka hooligans and thugs) to some extremist individual insulting the prophet Mohammed, I wonder what the proportionate Jewish response to Ganaim would have (or should have) been.

This embedded position over the Temple Mount is, of course, our fault. When Israel retook  the rest of Jerusalem in 1967, it should have taken control of all the religious sites. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it left the Waqf in charge of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. I have a suspicion that such weakness may have at least been partly responsible for encouraging the dreadful revisionist historical approach of the Palestinians to deny a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. In short, we are still paying the price for a colossal error made in 1967. Who believes that there is any politician who will grasp the nettle, and re-establish Israeli control?