You think you’ve got it bad?

[The credit for all of this is due to Harry’s Place.]

As HP reported back in January 2014:

Galloway interviews Britain’s leading North Korea fanboy

Having apparently ended his long-running weekly program “The Real Deal” on Iran’s state-controlled Press TV, Bradford West MP George Galloway (along with his fourth wife Gayatri) has launched “Sputnik.” Yes, that’s really the name of his latest TV venture, a weekly program on Russia’s state-controlled RT network.

A recent show featured an excruciating interview with Keith Bennett, whom Galloway called “Britain’s foremost China and North Korea expert” and claimed that the two of them were responsible for the UK establishing diplomatic relations with North Korea.


In fact Galloway concluded the interview by suggesting that he and Bennett and his “good friend” Dennis Rodman visit Pyongyang together– where, he said, “We’ll have a whale of a time.”

Unfortunately that’s no joke.

There are, in short, western apologists for North Korea.

And then there are the people of North Korea.

Watch this – it’s truly inspiring – but you may want to leave some time afterwards to recover.

Thank you, HP.