With the emphasis on ‘UN’.

UN grants observer status to Hamas linked NGO

Israel slams decision saying the British-based Palestinian advocacy group is a ‘front’ for Hamas

A British-based Palestinian advocacy group allegedly linked to Hamas that promotes “anti-Israel propaganda in Europe” was on Monday granted an observer status at the United Nations, in a move that sparked ire among Israeli officials.

The decision to approve the application of the Palestinian Return Center (PRC) was made by the 19-member UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, which is understood to be dominated by Israel’s regional arch enemy Iran.

Israel’s mission to the United Nations issued a statement condemning the decision to approve the application of the PRC, an organization based in Britain. The PRC denied having ties to Hamas and accused Israel of trying to “distort and mislead the committee member states.”

The Israeli statement said it banned the PRC in 2010 because of its ties to Hamas, labeling it “an organizational and a coordinating wing of Hamas in Europe” with members that include senior Hamas officials.

“Until today, the UN has given Hamas discounts and let it strengthen its activities,” Israel’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor, said in the statement. “Now, the UN went one step further, and gave Hamas a welcoming celebration at its main entrance, allowing it to be a full participant.”

Some 12 countries voted in favor, including Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, Venezuela, China and Cuba, while three voted against – the United States, Uruguay and Israel. India, Russia and Greece abstained, and Burundi was absent.

Note the PRC’s position, if only for future reference:

PRC described Israel’s allegations as baseless.

“PRC will hand a letter of protest to the United Nations … against the false allegations circulated by Israel,” the group said on its website, adding that it was “not affiliated to any Palestinian party including Hamas.”

It added that PRC was “independent and dedicated to serve the cause of Palestinian refugees and their right of return.”

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