Theater of the absurd

The UN, and all its offshoots, strikes me as a theater of the absurd. The totalitarian regimes criticize the democracies. The torturers and abusers of human rights assail those who value life, liberty, and freedom. And the terrorists (and their sponsors, useless idiots, and ideological bedfellows) accuse those fighting terrorism of being war criminals. While that theater does, occasionally, put on a good and proper show (ie, does something right that actually contributes something) that does not excuse the unintentional farces that form the bulk of its promoted output.

As an aside, while transferring flights in Heathrow Terminal Five, I saw a lot of adverts for the work of the UN. Really? The UN needs to spend money on advertising? How the hell does that contribute meaningfully to its aims. It seems like a total waste. (Not unlike the UN itself.)

It will therefore come as no surprise, that I join with those who sharply criticize and denounce the latest output from that body, the UNHCR report on the last Gaza conflict. There is so much to be said, and not enough time, but even if only for my own sake, I wanted to highlight the following commentaries:

We may not want to buy a program for the Theater of the Absurd. But we can still critique the performances.