The latest new flower in Israel

Susan spotted this, on the way between Ra’anana to Herzliya. ¬†They have recently renovated the road, and planted a range of flowers and shrubs in the central reservation. As the traffic slowed to a halt, among the more common varieties, Susan spotted this rather rare white variety, well dug into the center, but spreading its foliage over the edge somewhat:


Yes, the lesser white Mercedes soft-top sports, blooming already in all its finery, though it has not yet shed its roof. It’s a rose of the Cannae Drive variety.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly sensible explanation how that car ended up there, and I’m equally certain it’s got nothing to do with bad driving. Perhaps the central reservation jumped out in front of the driver? Or maybe the driver was simply a keen botanist doing some up close and personal work?

Thanks to Susan for the spot and the picture.