Stop the bus!

Source: Valtteri Päivinen/WikiMedia

Source: Valtteri Päivinen/WikiMedia

The scene pictured above is about to be replicated on the streets of Israel. Yes, according to this report in Globes, double-decker buses are set to make a return.

The Ministry of Transport is set to carry out a trial of advanced buses with Egged and Dan.

After a very long absence, double-decker buses are set to make a comeback on Israel’s roads this year.

The National Public Transport Authority in the Ministry of Transport is to carry out a pilot study in which about five double-decker buses will be bought for a trial on Egged and Dan urban routes.

Over a decade ago, Egged was using double-decker buses from Neoplan on inter-city routes, but because of recurring operational problems they were abandoned. The new trial will be of more advanced buses currently designed for urban use only, and among other things the option is being examined of buses with hybrid power systems.

If the trial succeeds, these buses could represent a good solution to the problems of public transport at peak traffic times, with a near-double passenger capacity, the same area on the road, and about half the air pollution, of the single-decker buses currently in use.

Given my experience of being a passenger in a single-decker bus, I doubt I want to try a journey in the double-decker variety…