Shabbat gaming adventures

Over Shabbat, Susan and I had a chance to try out Dominion: Adventures, a recent acquisition by way of a birthday gift for Susan.


This expansion has some action cards with enduring benefits (so you play them and get something from them in the same turn and the next turn) and others that can be held in reserve (allowing you to use them in a later turn), and other variations on a theme.

For example, there’s the Wine Merchant. This gives you plus four gold and an extra buy. But when you use it, it goes to one side – not back into your deck. ¬†You can redeem it at a cost of 2 gold.

There are also 20 Events, a sort of type of always available action card (if you have the money) that you can buy, but it never goes in to your deck. This type also tends to need special tokens that modify cards or abilities. For example, one of the Events can force a -1 Card Draw token to be placed on your opponent. Nasty!

The Wine Merchant was the card of choice in the first set we played, quickly allowing both of us to buy up the key victory point cards. I had trashed an Estate, and that single victory point turned out to be the margin of victory for Susan.

In the second set there was no Wine Merchant, but the Hireling was the focus card. This allows you to draw an extra card. More Hirelings equals more cards. Susan won the race to buy and deploy more Hirelings, and so rather easily accumulated a decent raft of victory points for the win.

This is a cool set of Dominion cards, and one we are sure to try out again.