Quote of the week

From Dan Hodges at the Telegraph.

First the title and lede:

Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes are simply in denial

The Labour party needs to stop pretending hard-Leftists like Corbyn or Owen Jones have anything relevant to contribute now Ed Miliband is gone

Now the quote:

In 2010 Labour held the longest leadership election in the party’s history. And then at the end nobody won it. Most MPs voted for David Miliband. Most Labour party members voted for David Miliband. And then Ed Miliband became leader. So for the next five years everyone had to wander around pretending to be “united” in the hope no one outside the Labour party would notice.

The piece has a few other contenders for quote of the week. Read it all, here. It’s funny and hits the target square on.

[First seen at Guido Fawkes’ blog.]