Not the Western Front

Also newly arrived and out of the wrapper, is Serbien muß sterbien, Michael Resch‘s game about the 1914 WW1 campaign in Serbia, and also produced by GMT.


This game uses the system from GMT‘s 1914: Offensive à outrance with brigades and divisions battling it out on a map (with a shade too much white space for my liking) of 8 kilometer hexes, and game turns of 2-4 days.

I bought this because I saw 1914: Offensive à outrance, and was attracted by the high level of detail and apparent historicity. However, that game was way too big. This is much more manageable, and more likely to actually get played.

Another reason was the chance to learn something about other than the Western Front. This may not have been the main arena, but it was still important, and the effects linger on today.

A quick scan of the rulebook suggests that the game is not that complex, but the systems are noticeably different from the regular fare, and may take some getting used to. The package looks good – even if suitably dimly colored – and is already threatening to spark a bout of reading up on the campaign.

Finally, the title. It’s a WW1 slogan, essentially saying “Serbia must die” with the “die” part inheriting an extra “i” so as to make the rhyme in German. Not the most politically correct of titles, albeit accurate. Perhaps that would have been better as a secondary line to follow on from a more bland title. (As things stand, how do you think this game will sell in Serbia?)